What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?  

Aug 16, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Ohio’s summer sun keeps getting hotter, so we ought to know what steps to take if we ever find our air conditioning unit is lacking. So, what do you do when your A/C is acting up or stops working altogether? Well, what you shouldn’t do is panic. An inadequate A/C is frustrating, no doubt, but New Albany Heating & Cooling is happy to assist with your air conditioning needs; no tears necessary! It doesn’t hurt to know the dos and don’ts if this happens, and it can prove beneficial. 

What Do I Do If The Power Is Out?  

If a power outage occurs during Ohio’s humid summer months, it will help to know how to maintain/regulate your body temperature to stay at least somewhat cool while waiting for your home’s electricity to return.  

  • Dampen a towel or sheet in cold water and place it on yourself while you sleep. A cold washcloth is my go-to for a quicker cool down, and it hasn’t let me down yet.  
  • Drink WATER! When you’re hot, you lose a lot of hydration through sweat, and you must try to replenish it.  
  • Eat cold foods; I mean, if the power is out, then they’re wasting away inside your freezer anyway, so you might as well enjoy this option to cool yourself down.  
  • Wear cotton. Clothe yourself with the thinnest, loosest cotton apparel you have; your body will thank you.  
  • Take off your socks and shoes.  
  • Avoid consistent close contact with one another for extended periods. While this may seem silly, sharing body heat will not help you keep yourself and your loved ones cool, so keep that distance when you can.  
  • Another silly-sounding yet helpful measure is to rest on the floor; while not offering much of a comfy surface, it is cool to the touch and doesn’t retain heat the way your mattress will. Plus, heat rises; thus, the closer you are to the floor, the cooler you’ll be.  
  • Limit sunlight in your home by closing all the curtains or blinds.  
  • Keep windows shut as long as you can.  
  • Depending on how long your electricity is out, you may have to open them at some point. However, conserve the drier air within your household for as long as possible because the sun will heat your home much quicker than a cool breeze will cool it.  
  • If you still can’t seem to beat that heat during a power outage, then you should try taking the family swimming or go somewhere with working electricity to cool off more effectively. 

What Do I Do If My A/C Stops Functioning?  

If your A/C ceases to work, there are some efforts you can make before contacting our HVAC experts.  

  • Check your vents for dirt, debris, and back-ups hindering adequate airflow.  
  • Clean or replace your filter as needed. A dirty filter can increase utility bills and limit your A/C from operating correctly.  
  • Look to see if your thermostat is set to heat your home instead of cooling it and if the temperature is too high.  
  • Examine your electrical panel for a tripped breaker.  

If you’re laboring to restore your home’s air conditioning without any luck, it’s time to contact us. New Albany Heating & Cooling can evaluate your unit and repair or, if necessary, replace your A/C faster and more safely than an unqualified individual. So, call today at (614) 636-5002, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! We find satisfaction in helping our customers obtain and preserve comfort throughout Ohio’s warmer temperatures.