Feb 1, 2023

Winter can bring unexpected challenges for heating systems, which can result in discomfort and stress for homeowners. To avoid these issues, it is essential to prepare for winter HVAC emergencies in advance. Often these HVAC emergencies are caused by a malfunction furnace or a power outage of some sort. Therefore, New Albany Heating & Cooling suggests implementing the following strategies to ensure the comfort and safety of your home during the colder months. 

To help make sure your HVAC system runs at its highest efficiency during particularly cold or snowy periods of weather: 

  • Maintain peak efficiency of your HVAC system by ensuring that indoor and outdoor vents are clear of any obstructions. This includes routine inspections and clearing of snow and ice from exterior vents.  
  • Know the location of your gas meter and keep it clear of snow and ice. This will not only improve the performance of your HVAC system, but it can also prevent any potential hazards that may arise from blocked vents or obscured gas meters. 
  • To retain warmth within your home, consider keeping your curtains and blinds closed in particularly cold or snowy periods of weather. 

In the event of a power outage or furnace malfunction, it is essential to have backup plans in place. Here are some ideas: 

  • Investing in a dependable backup generator is a valuable strategy for maintaining warmth during power outages.  
  • A great backup option is to keep a couple of portable heaters on hand. Portable heaters are a great cost-effective option for providing temporary heat.  
  • If you happen to own a fireplace, being prepared with firewood, lighters, and matches for your fireplace can also be a lifesaver in times of trouble. So, it would be prudent to keep an emergency stockpile in your home to use solely in case an HVAC emergency were to arise. In times of a power outage or if your heater suddenly goes out, you will be thankful you had an emergency supply at the ready. 
  • Additionally, keeping extra blankets in a basket or tote that is easily accessible can provide added comfort during unexpected circumstances. 
  • Lastly, you can utilize these blankets for more than just curling up under them. Draping blankets or towels across windows to further block drafts can help to keep warm air inside and prevent cold air from entering. It may seem silly, but in your time of need, you will most definitely be grateful for that extra layer of insulation in your home. 

By following these tips and maintaining preparedness for winter HVAC emergencies, homeowners can have better peace of mind knowing that their home is ready in terms of winter preparedness. Having a plan in place and being prepared for the unexpected can save you a lot of stress and discomfort in the long run. 

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