What Are the Dangers of DIY HVAC Repairs & Maintenance? 

May 6, 2022

Before you dive into examining and repairing your HVAC system on your lonesome, there are a few facts our crew at New Albany Heating & Cooling would like you to know about the hazards of DIY HVAC repairs and maintenance. A few causes for concern are that you may further harm your system, and you can jeopardize the safety of your home and yourself. In the blog below, we will dive into each of these dangers further.

What Damages May Result From DIY HVAC Repairs/Maintenance?

Don’t be deceived by the tutorials you find on the internet for AC repairs. The internet, while resourceful, is infamous for making things appear compelling and obtainable. While we encourage you to shoot for the stars, we urge you to avoid counting on these tutorials to fix your dilemmas. HVAC systems aren’t simple pieces of equipment. They’re complicated systems with various intricate parts. Improperly messing with these elements can cause the need for a new unit entirely. Keep in mind that the information you find online isn’t always reliable. Following misinformation can do a lot of damage to your HVAC system. No air conditioners, heaters, or thermostats are alike. Even if the instructions you’re going along with are the same brand, the equipment arrangements may vary significantly from yours. There are no exact-same solutions when it comes to HVAC systems. With that being said, only trained, educated professionals will be able to assess the problem correctly and execute essential restorations efficiently.

How is DIY HVAC Repair/Maintenance Hazardous to You?

HVAC systems employ a tremendous amount of electricity and present an even more considerable electric shock hazard to untrained people. OSHA figures about 187 electrical-related casualties a year for experts working in the HVAC industry. Think about it; If it’s risky for them, how dangerous do you think it is for you as someone not trained in this field of study? Cautiously dealing with leaking refrigerants has proven crucial as well. Accidentally breathing in refrigerant vapors can lead to sudden oxygen deprivation. Severe oxygen deprivation can cause life-threatening situations such as seizures and coma. After 10 minutes without oxygen, the brain begins to perish. New Albany Heating & Cooling wants you to stay safe and leave your complex HVAC system to the professionals.

How is DIY HVAC Repair/Maintenance Hazardous to Your Home?

Your HVAC system attaches to your home’s electrical system to conduct. A/Cs heating systems, such as gas or oil furnaces, use a combustible fuel source, wielding the potential for something to go awry amongst DIY tinkering. Destruction of gas lines, electrical fires, and explosions are all devastating aftermaths of avoiding the employment of a professional. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, electrical fires are accountable for killing around 310 people every year and drastically wounding an additional 1,100. The most common cause of ignition is poorly installed wiring. Accidentally shorting the wires can significantly defect your home’s electrical system, ensuing in fire or damage to other household electrical parts or electronic devices.

We recognize the allure of all things DIY, but please realize this is one thing you ought to resign to the HVAC whizzes. If you want to get your hands dirty, we understand, and that’s why we not only suggest but encourage you to change your furnace filter. It would also benefit you to rinse any debris clogging up your outdoor equipment. We appreciate the want to govern the conditions within your home; that’s why our team at New Albany Heating & Cooling labors hard to assist you in having an opinion on your heating and cooling needs without requiring you to take on all the safety risks. Stay safe and give us a call today at (614) 636-5002, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!