We Are Thankful For You

Nov 26, 2019

Thanksgiving – A Time of Cheer and Thanks

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season just around the corner, we here at New Albany Heating and Cooling want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thanksgiving is it time for reflecting on everything that we are grateful for. We want our customers to know that not only are we thankful for each and every one of you, but we think of you as more than customers. We are all part of this wonderful community together, and we consider all of you our friends and neighbors. From a business point of view, we take pride in the fact that we can provide our customers with only the best HVAC services so that they can rest assured that their homes will be cool and relaxing in the summer months and toasty warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter months. As members of the New Albany community ourselves, we also enjoy taking part in the holiday festivities with all of you, including the annual holiday tree-lighting celebration (on November 24th this year) with the delicious hot chocolate, donuts, hot apple cider, and the cookies to decorate. We love the horse-drawn carriage rides and the traditional Christmas carolers. Will the candy cane stilt walker be there again this year? We hope so. We will be keeping an eye out for him by the Santa Land bouncy house. And of course we will be spending some time talking to Santa, making sure today he and Mrs. Claus and all the elves are changing the furnace’s air filter regularly to make sure that their HVAC system is in perfect working order so that Santa will have a warm and welcoming home to return to after his long trip on Christmas Eve. 


Thanksgiving is our opportunity here at New Albany Heating and Cooling to let all of our customers know just how special you are to us. You are our friends and our neighbors, and we want to share with you that we feel honored that you trust us with something as vital as the care of your heating and cooling system. Ensuring that your system is working properly is of the utmost importance to us as it is directly related to the safety of your family and your home. We take our jobs very seriously in order to assure you that all is well. Peace of mind knowing that your family and your home are in good hands is important. Our professional HVAC technicians thoroughly inspect each and every heating and cooling system. They are not only looking for any existing problems, but they are also checking for anything that could possibly become a problem in the future. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a serious issue with their HVAC system during extreme weather conditions. We always recommend preventive maintenance, and we are on the job to assure your safety and to make sure your home’s system is working correctly. 


We would like to welcome everyone who is new to the New Albany community this year. We believe that you will find you’ve chosen a fantastic community here, and it is our sincere hope that you will be happy here for many, many years to come. We want to invite you to call New Albany Heating and Cooling for all of your home’s HVAC needs. We can offer you tips and pointers to improve your system’s performance, and we can advise you regarding the overall condition of your system and offer suggestions for upgrading to a more modern, more efficient unit. 


Our technicians are available year-round to give your HVAC system a complete cleaning and inspection whenever you are ready. This includes all heat ducts and airways to remove dust, debris, and other pollutants that can hitch a ride in the air and become dispersed throughout your home, which can create an unhealthy environment for everyone inside. Your HVAC technician will go over ways that you can help maintain your system in good working order during months of high usage. Simple maintenance steps such as changing the air filter and being aware of the meaning of specific sounds or odors emanating from your HVAC system can make a huge difference in its performance.


If your system needs replacement parts or if you are looking to purchase and install a more modern heating and cooling system, we can help you find the best deals on those as well. Choosing the money-saving, eco-friendly Energy Star heating and cooling models will cut down on your utility bills as well as doing something good for the environment.


To Our New Albany Community 

The experts at New Albany Heating and Cooling are happy to be at your service. Give us a call at 614-636-5002 or visit us online at newalbanyheatingcooling.com/schedule-now/ to schedule an appointment for HVAC services. We would like to take this opportunity once more to say thank you to all of our customers for allowing us to provide the heating and cooling services to keep your home at its best all year long, and we want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.