Aug 1, 2023

Ah, the unwritten rule of politeness – we all know that asking a woman for her age is not deemed the politest thing in the world. Thankfully, this doesn’t apply to your air conditioning system! In fact, we highly recommend you keep track of the age of your AC. In all seriousness, as a responsible homeowner, knowing the age and condition of your air conditioner can bring valuable insight and help you mentally prepare and plan ahead. This is because, with proper maintenance, air conditioners generally last a good 15 to 20 years. So, being in the know about your unit’s age will keep you well-prepared for any unexpected hiccups when your AC decides to call it quits. No one likes being caught off guard, right? 

Perhaps you have misplaced your paperwork on your AC and don’t quite know how to determine your cooling unit’s exact age. If so, follow these steps from your New Albany Heating & Cooling professionals to unveil the exact age of your air conditioner: 

Step One: Seek the Manufacture Date on the Condenser 

Step one is to head outside and venture towards your outdoor unit, the condenser! If you’re not quite sure what it is, the condenser is that large metal box usually positioned in the backyard or on the side of your house. Once you have located the condenser, look for a nameplate on one of its sides, where all the essential info about the unit is neatly stored. Then look in the upper right corner where the manufacture date should be listed. Often, it will be marked as MFR DATE or something of the sort. But if it’s not, scan the top of the nameplate as this is a common area for the manufacture date to be hiding as well. In case you still haven’t found it, don’t worry just yet. Proceed to step number two. 

Step Two: Dive into the Digital World (Online) 

Still no luck on the manufacture date front? No worries, you can try your hand at your inner detective skills by jotting down the model, brand, and serial number from the nameplate. You can also snap a quick picture from your phone for convenience! Now, use your preferred search engine and punch in those three details along with the phrase “manufacture date” at the end of it. Ta-da! After clicking search, various websites should populate with specific instructions to decode your particular AC model’s manufacture date. Behold the power of research and persistence; you’ve cracked the code to reveal your air conditioner’s age. Bravo, well done! 

Encountering Issues Still? 

If you are still having issues figuring out your AC’s age, it happens to the best of us. But don’t worry. We’ve got your back! During your next seasonal HVAC checkup, just let us know, and our skilled technicians will happily assist you in uncovering your AC’s age. 

If you need assistance or have any AC-related questions, we’re only a call away! You can reach New Albany Heating & Cooling today at (614) 636-5002 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Your comfort is our mission, and we’re excited to be at your service.