Space Heater Safety Tips

Dec 13, 2019

During the cold-weather season, space heaters are a perfect way to provide a bit of additional warmth and comfort to your home. Areas such as the basement, garage, attic, or rooms that aren’t used on a regular basis can all be heated perfectly with space heaters. They add just the right amount of heat without having to turn up your thermostat settings. While space heaters are convenient and simple to use, there are still safety measures that must be taken while they are in use in your home. Here are some space heater safety tips that should always be observed:


Read the Information Manual from Cover to Cover 

Most people don’t like to bother with reading directions when it comes to something seemingly as simple as a space heater. Their use seems to be pretty self-explanatory at a glance. However, the information manual is included for a reason, and that reason is to ensure that the owner knows how to properly use the heater and, more importantly, how not to use it. Always take a few moments to read through the information manual for your new space heater. 

Always Inspect Your Space Heaters for Issues 

Any sign of damage to your space heater it is cause for concern. Don’t simply write it off as a small crack or something cosmetic when it may, in fact, be something that could cause a serious problem when your space heater is next put into use. Have it checked out by a professional, or purchase a new space heater. It is always better to be safe than sorry where your home and your family are concerned 

Only Use Space Heaters in Safe Locations 

Do not operate a space heater in a blocked-off or closed-in area. Your space heater must have at least three feet of open space on each side of it to function properly and safely. Modern space heaters are designed to shut off if they get knocked over and to stay cool on the outside, but they are still heating devices, and they require a sufficient amount of clear, clean space in order to work effectively. 

Store Space Heaters Away When Not in Use 

You can be tempted to leave your space heaters out even when they’re not in use since they are small and don’t take up much room. This isn’t a good idea. Putting them away when they’re not being used prevents any inadvertent damage as well as keeping them clean in between uses. 

Don’t Connect Space Heaters to Power Strips or Extension Cords 

Never use a power strip or extension cord to connect your space heater. They are not designed to provide the amount of current flow that a space heater requires. This can result in an overload, and a fire can result. Plug space heaters directly into appropriate wall outlets in a clear, safe location. Always check on your space heaters while they are in use to ensure that everything is working safely and properly 

Feel the Wall Near Your Space Heater Outlet 

While your space heater is plugged into the wall outlet, touch the wall near the outlet in the outlet itself to determine if it is warm. If the area is warm or hot to the touch, turn off the space heater and unplug it immediately. Contact an electrician for inspection, as this could indicate a serious electrical issue in your home. Do not use the outlet for any reason until an electrician has checked out the problem and given the all-clear. 

Observe Space Heaters While They Are in Use 

Space heaters come equipped with several safety features, but accidents have been known to happen, so keep an eye on them while they are in use. It only takes a moment to give them a quick glance and make sure that everything is as it should be. It can be tempting to turn them on and forget about them as they do their thing, but safety must always come first. 

Check Your Home’s Smoke Detectors 

This is no doubt something you do on a regular basis anyway, but it is especially important to make sure your home smoke detectors are working correctly during the time that you were using space heaters. In case the unthinkable should occur, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your home and your family are protected by smoke detectors. 


Never attempt to use space heaters as the primary source of heat for your home. They are not designed to provide high levels of heat. If your home is not as warm as it should be, there could be an issue with your furnace. Call New Albany Heating and Cooling at 614-636-5002 or visit us online at https://newalbanyheatingcooling.comschedule-now/ to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed, professional HVAC technicians and have your system inspected to make sure it is working properly to keep your home heated and comfortable throughout the winter months.