Misconceptions About Your HVAC System

Feb 5, 2020

Although most people have an understanding of the basic function of their home’s heating and cooling system, they may not realize the amount of damage that can be done to their HVAC system if they are given misleading or incorrect information regarding its care. If you have questions regarding anything having to do with your HVAC system, please don’t hesitate to give New Albany Heating & Cooling a call. We are located in New Albany, Ohio, and we are dedicated to providing the very best service to the members of our community and the surrounding areas. 


Common HVAC Misconceptions for Homeowners in New Albany, Ohio To Be Aware Of 

Open Doors and Windows Do Not Control the Temperature in Your Home 

Opening and closing doors and windows in your home does not actually control the indoor temperature. HVAC systems are designed to work based on a specified area measured in square feet. Regardless of other factors that would seemingly affect this, the size of your home’s HVAC system is ultimately what controls the overall temperature inside your home. If you are looking to control temperatures room by room, then a zoning system may be a good option for you.

Increasing Your Thermostat’s Temperature Will Not Warm Your Home More Quickly 

Although turning up your thermostat will cause your furnace to run more frequently, once again, the point must be made that your home’s HVAC system is designed to heat up or cool down a preset amount square footage, and to run for a specific amount of time to achieve this. By cranking up your thermostat, you are not effectively heating your home, but you are effectively Inflating your utility bill. 


Shutting Down Your HVAC System When It Isn’t In Use Is Not a Good Idea 

When you completely turn off your HVAC system when no one is home or when the weather is mild, you may think you’re making a wise choice. The truth is unless there is some sort of problem, it is never a good idea to shut your HVAC system down completely. Doing so will require more energy and more effort on the part of your HVAC system to warm up or cool down your home when you restart your system. You can reduce energy use, save money, and rest assured that your HVAC system is keeping your home at the perfect temperature by installing a programmable thermostat


Preventive Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Preventive maintenance is to your home’s HVAC system what medical checkups are to you and your family. Both should be done annually, and both will find and fix any issues that could turn into real problems down the road. New Albany Heating & Cooling boasts some of the best, most highly skilled HVAC technicians in the business. Schedule an annual inspection and cleaning for your HVAC system before the arrival of the extreme weather season. Our technicians are available for appointments at your convenience in New Albany, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.


Replacing Your Furnace’s Air Filter is Essential to HVAC Performance 

Check Your Air Filter Once a Month and Replace it As Needed 

If your furnace’s air filter is neglected and becomes clogged with dust and dirt, it will ultimately affect the performance of your HVAC system. If air is unable to pass through the filter due to it being filled with debris, then your furnace’s motor can become overheated as it tries to force air through the clogged filter. This can result in extensive damage to your entire HVAC system. 


A Dirty Air Filter Can Affect Everyone in Your Home

By allowing a dirty air filter to remain in your furnace, you are giving all kinds of pollutants, allergens, and filth a free ride directly into your home, where your loved ones will breathe it all in. A dirty air filter can actually cause the air in your home to contain even more pollutants than the air outside. Check your air filter and replace it as needed to keep your home pollutant-free and your family safe and healthy. 


Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Will Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Scheduling regular tune-ups and professional cleanings for your HVAC system are essential to its longevity and performance. Still, it is also important to do your part in between visits from the professionals. Mark your calendar so that you don’t forget when it’s time to check the air filter and replace it if necessary. Dial back the settings on your thermostat on days when the weather is pleasant enough to do so. Make sure the insulation in your home is sufficient to maintain indoor temperatures. Taking these simple steps can extend the life of your HVAC system by years. 


Final Thoughts on HVAC Misconceptions 

if you’re not sure what to believe when it comes to your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to call New Albany Heating & Cooling with any questions you may have. Performing do-it-yourself maintenance is essential, so don’t neglect the simple steps you can take to help your HVAC system. Be sure to give your system a break whenever you can by turning back the setting on your thermostat.


Still Have Questions?

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