Make Your She-Shed Winterproof

Nov 21, 2019

Picture it: a cozy little spot all your own where you can relax and enjoy some comfy, quiet time no matter how nasty the weather is outside. Welcome to your own personal she-shed. Let’s look at some pointers for making sure your she-shed is winterized to keep you comfortable in the frigid weather: 


Don’t Let Your She-Shed’s Floors Freeze You Out 

Floors are a significant source of cold air, even though drafts don’t necessarily find their way in directly through the floor. When the floor is bare wood or concrete, it will emanate the chill that it has absorbed. This effects the warm air inside, cooling it down quickly. You can insulate the floors in your she-shed with a few simple steps and protect the heat inside.  The first step is to cover your floor with a sheet of thick plastic. You will want this plastic to cover your entire floor while leaving a few inches of space between it and the edges of the floor. This will act as the protective layer between your floor and your carpeting. The next layer should be cut to the same size as the plastic and should be made of wool or cotton. This material can be inexpensive and practical. 

Following the wool or cotton material, place a layer of inexpensive carpeting on your floor. This carpet will not need to be attractive since it will not be seen. Again, this layer should also be cut to the same size as the previous ones. When these layers have been installed, it is time to install the stylish carpeting you have chosen to accentuate your she-shed. This carpet will need to be cut to reach wall to wall. It will not be nailed down, but rather held in place at the edges by heavy-duty Velcro. The furnishings in your she-shed will also help to keep your carpeting in place. This is convenient due to your she-shed being a smaller area, and so that the carpeting may be pulled back if needed, such as if a leak should be discovered. It will also make redecorating a snap if you decide you want to change the decor. 


Secure Your She-Shed’s Windows to Keep Out Drafts 

If the windows in your home are drafty, you are already aware of ways to both prevent heat loss and keep out cold air in the winter. The same methods that you use for your home’s windows can be used on the windows in your she-shed. Cover your windows using weatherproofing kits found in hardware stores and most department stores. A sheet of transparent plastic is nailed over the inside of the window using tiny nails and cardboard strips along the windowsill. Kits are also available with adhesive plastic which is installed using your blow dryer, creating a kind of shrink-wrap for your window.

You can also seal the outer edges of your windowsill with a good quality spray foam insulation, which can then be smoothed down and painted over or disguised with curtains. This leads to our next subject: window treatments. Curtains, shades, blinds, and window panels all give a comfortable, attractive atmosphere to your she-shed. They also help to keep the cold air outside and warm air inside.


Use Door Draft Stoppers to Protect Your She-Shed’s Heat 

At the same time you secure your windows against drafts, remember to do the same for your doors. Even if you can’t see it, most doors allow air to creep in along the bottom. Placing a door draft stopper along your door jamb will prevent heat loss and will stop cold air from making its way into your she-shed. If your she-shed has a sliding glass door, place a door draft stopper along the entire length of the bottom, fitting it inside the track. This will prevent both cold air and temperature transference.


Have Your She-Shed’s Walls and Ceiling Insulated

Nothing works to keep a structure protected against the elements as well as insulation. Whether you choose to install it yourself or leave the job to a professional, having the walls and ceiling of your she-shed properly insulated will make all the difference when the weather turns brutal. The heat will be kept inside and the cold will be kept outside, and you will be kept toasty and warm inside your own little area of solitude. 



The fully-trained HVAC technicians at New Albany Heating and Cooling can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your HVAC system has been professionally inspected and cleaned and is ready to keep your family warm throughout the winter season. So while you enjoy your quiet time in your own personal she-shed, you can rest assured that your family is safe and warm inside your home. Call New Albany Heating and Cooling today add 614-636-5002 to schedule your HVAC inspection and cleaning or visit us on the web at https://newalbanyheatingcooling.comschedule-now/.