Halloween Heating Tips for Homeowners

Oct 29, 2019

It’s almost Halloween, and that chill you feel when you’re curled up in front of the television should be coming from the scary movie, not from the frigid Fall air that keeps finding its way into your home. Here are some heating tips, courtesy of New Albany Heating & Cooling, that will help you heat your home more efficiently when cold weather sets in:


Change Your Furnace’s Air Filter Regularly

If your furnace’s air filter is not changed regularly it will become clogged with dirt and debris, preventing the warm air from reaching the rooms in your home sufficiently. Not only will this keep your home cooler than you would like, it is dangerous to your furnace. If the air filter is clogged, the furnace’s fan will have to work harder to try to force the warm air through. This will eventually burn up the motor and require furnace repair or parts replacement. If the damage is particularly severe, your entire HVAC system may need to be replaced.

During the Winter season, check your furnace’s air filter regularly every 30 days and replace it at least once during the season, more often if it becomes dirty.


Schedule A Professional Inspection And Cleaning

Call an HVAC contractor and make an appointment to have your system inspected and professionally cleaned before its time to turn on your furnace for the season. This will get your system ready for use and it will eliminate the possibility of any unpleasant surprises – in the form of breakdowns – in the middle of the cold weather months when you need your furnace the most.

Make Sure Vents And Airways Are Unblocked

Check furniture, curtains, floor coverings, etc., to make sure that they are not covering heating vents and ducts throughout your home. Make sure they are in the fully opened position to allow for maximum air flow. You can arrange furnishings such as chairs, sofas, and beds near a heating duct to create an especially comfortable area.


Let Space Heaters And Fireplaces Do Some Of The Work

Take some of the pressure off of your HVAC system and give it a break occasionally by using your fireplace to provide a warm and cozy atmosphere inside your home. Use space heaters in rooms and areas that are not frequently used or where someone may prefer a bit more warmth without increasing the temperature in the entire house.


Insulate Floors With Carpeting

Your rooms can be chilled by the cold weather finding its way to your floors, whether it’s through your basement or your home’s foundation, and this can cause your entire house to be affected. Floors need to be insulated just like walls and ceilings. Cover them with carpeting to keep the cold out. You can use area rugs and hallway runners if you don’t want to have regular carpeting installed.


Ceiling Fans Can Help To Heat Your Home

While ceiling fans won’t actually produce heat, they will help to disperse it around your home. Change the setting on all of your ceiling fans to Reverse and heat will be circulated without being cooled off.


Don’t Waste Heat In Unused Areas Of Your Home

Close off air vents in rooms and other areas of your house that are used infrequently, or not at all. Close the vents in spare bedrooms or guest bedrooms, the basement, the attic, and any other area that is not being used. During the brief times they are occupied, use a space heater to warm them, remembering to turn it off again when the room is no longer being used.


Install A Programmable Thermostat

Investing in a programmable thermostat is one of the best things you can do for your home. Not only will it reduce your utility bill, but it will allow you to relax and know that the temperature in your home will automatically adjust to the perfect setting, day or night, even when you aren’t home. Simply set the thermostat to the desired temperature at the desired time, and it does the rest. No more trying to remember to adjust it yourself.


Cover Your Windows Fashionably

Keep your home toasty warm and draft-free with window treatments including lined drapes and insulated shades. Choose the style that fits the décor and you will have a functional and decorative way to keep the cold weather outside where it belongs and keep your room cozy and warm. On sunny days, the curtains can be opened and the shade raised to allow the natural heat of the sunlight to add to the warmth and beauty of the room naturally.


Contact New Albany Heating and Cooling for more information on keeping your home warm and maintaining your furnace and your entire HVAC system working perfectly. Let one of our trained technicians inspect and clean your HVAC system so that it is winter-ready and problem-free. Call today to schedule your appointment: 614-636-5002. You can also visit our website at newalbanyheatingcooling.com.