Do You Know The 7 Components Crucial For Air Conditioner Function? 

Aug 5, 2022

Most of us are thankful for our air conditioning systems during Ohio’s humid summer months. But, very few take the time to understand the complexity of these systems. New Albany Heating & Cooling would like to briefly cover the necessary components of your air conditioner so that you may better see how sophisticated these systems are.  

What Advantages Come From Knowing an A/C’s Components?  

Recognizing the components of your air conditioner and their purpose can help you to more accurately address your A/C when encountering and resolving concerns as your system requires it. This information can prevent needless and pricey breakdowns, maintain peak efficiency system functioning, and preserve a comforting home environment for you and your loved ones. Our New Albany Heating & Cooling experts will now sum up the seven major components of your HVAC system that are necessary for preservation to stay nice and cool throughout the rest of this summer and for the ones to come.  

What Are the Primary A/C Components?  

Air Filters: Protect your HVAC system while enhancing your home’s indoor air quality by eliminating pollutants such as dust, pet dander, and bacteria from the air flowing through your household’s system.  

Thermostat: Depicts the current temperature within your household, allowing you to alter that temperature as needed.  

Expansion Valve: Adjusts the amount of refrigerant expelled into the evaporator to modify the high heat of the refrigerant emanating out of the evaporator at a consistent level.  

Compressor: Tightly joins the refrigerant molecules, strengthening the refrigerant’s temperature and pressure. Since heat transitions from warm to cool surfaces, the heat in the high-temperature refrigerant shifts direction to the cooler air outdoors, where it scatters via the condenser.  

Condenser Coil: Once the refrigerant is pressurized and warmed in the compressor, it surrenders into the condenser coil.  

Evaporator Coil: Often built with your furnace or within your air handler, the evaporator coil is the component in your AC system that eats the heat from the air within your household. Secured to your furnace or within your air handler, it runs alongside the condenser coil to finish the heat exchange process, producing cool air.  

Blower Fan: Is accountable for constant, efficient air dispersion throughout your A/C system.  

Must I Recall the Components of My A/C?  

You don’t “need” to remember every inch of your air conditioner. We don’t ask you to be proficient in the area unless, of course, you work in the HVAC field. Still, just like everything else in life, expanding our knowledge will only benefit us. To quote American blues singer-songwriter B. B. King, “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” Even if your knowledge of HVAC systems is limited, don’t worry.  

Don’t worry because New Albany Heating & Cooling won’t let you down. Our proficient technicians are here to assist you with your HVAC needs. Now, please remember that these complicated systems can be hazardous if not dealt with by a professional. So, we advise you to reach out to us for all HVAC repairs and maintenance. We pride ourselves on giving optimal services for our customers. Call us today at (614) 636-5002, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here