Do UV Lights Improve Your Overall IAQ?

Jul 1, 2022

Ultraviolet equipment, when integrated into your home’s heating and cooling system, has several benefits. UV lights safeguard indoor air quality (IAQ) from toxic bacteria. The air quality in your home is crucial for the wellness and comfort of you and your loved ones. As we spend time indoors, seeking haven from the summer humidity, we must not dismiss the air quality we breathe. UV lights regulated to strengthen IAQ will generate a cleaner, healthier, and fresher-smelling home environment. Read on to find out how with a few quick tidbits from our experts at New Albany Heating & Cooling!

How Are UV Lights Beneficial?

The primary UV light for disinfection is ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, UVGI for short, with in-duct UVGI being the main application. In-duct UVGI decontaminates air as it pushes through your HVAC system, irradiating across the entireness of a duct at high power and disinfecting surfaces within the HVAC system, like cooling coils and drip pans. The energy emitted from UVGI fixtures is UV-C. UV-C has shorter wavelengths than more intrusive rays like UV-A and UV-B, making HVAC preferable for your health & safety. By sanitizing these HVAC surfaces, UVGI can reduce HVAC system maintenance requirements and ward off building-related illnesses, strengthening the prevention of the spread of disease.

How Are UV Lights Maintained?

UV lights need more care than the standard light bulb if you wish to maximize their power and efficiency. So while a UV lamp will still give off light to the degree of your standard fluorescent bulb, its germicidal combatting skills dwindle after about a year. Thus, an annual replacement is highly recommended, even more so for any lights assembled within your ducts. UV lights placed at the evaporator coil often retain efficiency for up to two years! Nevertheless, remember to clean those UV lights every six months and ensure they stay dust-free. We strongly advise against touching UV lamp surfaces. The natural oils sweated from your fingerprints can weaken UV output and cause uneven heating. And while UV lights are safe when installed correctly, direct exposure to UV-C is risky, especially to the skin and eyes. Any resulting eye damage may be irreversible, so a trained technician should always conduct your UV handling and installation needs.

How Are UV Lights Installed?

When conducted strategically, UV lights eliminate roughly 100% of toxic pollutants such as germs, viruses, mold spores, bacteria, and fungi. UV lights, when installed by an HVAC pro within your air handler, prove to be the most cost-efficient way of decontaminating your home’s environment as the air gusts through your HVAC system. Moreover, UV lights can be stabilized in your air return or strategically placed throughout your ductwork. When established around reflective surfaces, UV lights function best with the help of high-efficiency filters. UV lights can considerably save your family from any unnecessary health complications. To access the most health benefits, having a professional install your UV equipment is a must. Therefore, employ our well-trained HVAC technicians at New Albany Heating & Cooling for your UV technology installation desires.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the thought of bacteria and mold accumulating within my HVAC system, circulating with my breathing space! And you guys, not only does UV light benefit anyone who aspires to have a healthier home environment, but it can have life-altering benefits for those battling breathing disorders like asthma or C.O.P.D. UV lights have the potential to be cost-efficient and reasonable to maintain; all you have to do is call New Albany Heating & Cooling today at (614) 636-5002, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Let’s ramp up those IAQ levels by saying “Farewell!” to insufficient indoor air quality and “Greetings!” to a cleaner and healthier home atmosphere for all!