Christmas Time for Your Furnace and Home

Dec 24, 2019

Getting prepared for the holiday season can be stressful and hectic. From working, decorating, cleaning, and entertaining the little ones, you can easily find yourself getting stressed out fast. Breathe easy and relax, because New Albany Heating & Cooling has some helpful tips to get you through the holidays:   


Make an Informed Decision About Your Christmas Tree 

More and more people put up their Christmas trees very early, some as early as October, and they leave them up as late as February. The trees left up for so long are of the artificial variety, but a lot of people like the idea of having a live tree. If you decide on a live Christmas tree for your home, you need to be aware of some things that can have an impact on the people in your home. Studies have shown that a live tree can significantly increase the amount of mold in your home. The average home has 500 to 700 mold spores per cubic meter; a live tree can increase this number to 5,000 mold spores per cubic meter. This increase can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions along with a condition known as Christmas Tree Syndrome. This is an allergy that most people don’t even know they have. They dismiss it as being weather-related. The most common symptoms include:

• Coughing 

• Itchy, watery eyes

 • Hives/rash 

• Wheezing

 • Chest pain

• Itchy, runny nose 

• Lethargy

 • Headache 

• Insomnia 

Christmas Tree Syndrome is an allergic reaction to the excessive amount of mold spores and residual pollen in your home due to the presence of a live tree. If you have a real Christmas tree in your home, then using a humidifier will help to keep the mold content down. If the live tree will be up for longer than a week, it is recommended that you choose an artificial Christmas tree for health reasons. If you decide on an artificial tree, it will have to be stored away properly after the holidays to prevent any allergy-related issues when it is put up next Christmas. Artificial trees collect dust, mold spores, and other pollutants while they are up. Your tree should be wiped down thoroughly before being put away until next Christmas. Use a clean, damp cloth to clean the tree as well as any other decorations that will be stored until next holiday season. Do this with all Christmas decorations so that everything will be clean and ready to make your home holiday-ready come next Christmas. Place your tree in an airtight plastic bin or plastic bags to be stored away for the year. Secure the bags firmly around the tree. Do not use the tree’s cardboard box for storage. Cardboard retains moisture and allows the growth of mold. When your tree has been correctly packed, store it in a humidity-controlled area to protect it further. Place a dehumidifier in the area where your tree is stored.  


Get the Kids Excited About Decorating

 Keep the young folks busy and out from underfoot while you are busy by pre-planning a different holiday craft project for every day leading to Christmas Eve. Search YouTube videos for age-appropriate crafting ideas. Choose a room or an area in your home and proclaim it their holiday workshop. Keep all craft supplies in this area inside a tote for organization and convenience. Put down a cheap holiday table cover or use festive wrapping paper on top of their work area. They will have fun, and you will have some priceless holiday keepsakes.  


Make Your Home Warm and Inviting

 If it hasn’t been done for the season yet, call New Albany Heating and Cooling to arrange for your annual HVAC inspection and cleaning. You can feel confident knowing that your HVAC system is in great condition and that the air in your home is clean and healthy for those breathing it.  


Give Your Furnace a Break for Christmas

 Give your furnace a Christmas gift by giving it some time off for Christmas. There’s nothing as inviting than a fire crackling away in your fireplace. No fireplace? Treat yourself to one of the awesome electric heaters that look like a fireplace. Either one will provide the perfect holiday atmosphere, keep your home comfy and inviting, and let you turn your thermostat back a bit. 


From all of us at New Albany Heating & Cooling to all of you, our valued customers, we wish you and your loved ones the very happiest of holidays. To schedule an HVAC inspection and cleaning or for any other HVAC needs, give us a call at 614-636-5002 or visit us on the web at https://newalbanyheatingcooling.comschedule-now/. Let us make your holiday season warm and cozy.