Jan 1, 2024

The dawn of a new year brings the opportunity for a fresh start. Many of us have formed our New Year’s resolution to improve different aspects of our lives. As you pen down resolutions to enhance various aspects of your life, why not include your HVAC system? It may sound a tad silly at first, but think about it. But think about it: your HVAC system plays a crucial role in maintaining your home’s comfort and air quality. So, why not resolve to commit to better practices and HVAC habits this year? After all, a smooth year with no HVAC mishaps sounds great. Plus, on the bonus side, in doing so, you will help extend the lifespan and efficiency of your HVAC system.  

Here are 8 HVAC habits from New Albany Heating & Cooling you can use to set your HVAC system up for success this year:  

  1. Commit to Regular HVAC Maintenance Checks: Regular seasonal checks can prevent minor issues from escalating into expensive repairs. The last thing you should do is wait to schedule any maintenance check just because “everything is running fine.” The point of preventative care is just that – to prevent stuff before it happens. Your furnace and AC units are complex machinery (much like your vehicle) that needs consistent care and attention. By keeping up with your seasonal maintenance checks, you help your system run at its highest capacity and can catch any issues before they manifest into bigger problems. Last, staying up to date with your seasonal checks keeps your manufacturer’s warranty valid.  
  1. Commit to Changing Air Filters Regularly: The role of air filters in maintaining your HVAC system’s efficiency cannot be overstated. They are in place to filter out all airborne contaminants from your home. So, when an air filter is bogged down with dust, fur, hair, and other airborne particles, it will not be able to sufficiently perform its intended purpose. For this reason, you should commit to changing your air filters every 1-2 months to maintain high indoor air quality, enhance system performance, and reduce unnecessary strain on your system.  
  1. Commit to Ensure Your HVAC Vents Frequently: Regularly cleaning your HVAC vents can also significantly improve indoor air quality. So, make it a part of your cleaning routine for a healthier living environment within your home.  
  1. Commit to Upgrading Your Smart Thermostat: A smart thermostat offers the convenience of remote temperature control and aids in maintaining a more energy-efficient home. It can also send you notifications on potential issues that may arise with your system, thus keeping you well-informed of any problems and giving you a chance to address them immediately. Furthermore, its ability to set specific temperatures around your personalized schedule is a worthy investment that will pay you back in energy savings. The good news is that smart thermostats are relatively affordable, and there are various options on the market.  
  1. Commit to Checking Your Attic Insulation: If you’re dealing with a continuously running unit or feel like there are unregulated rooms in your home, it could be that your attic lacks insulation. Without the proper amount of insulation, the air in your home will escape right out of your home. Did you know the recommended minimum of insulation should be at least ten inches deep? So, if you suspect that your insulation is lacking, if it is safe for you to do so, we suggest making it a priority to check and confirm this. If your insulation is any less than the recommended amount, consider this year the opportune time to upgrade it.  
  1. Commit to Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures Regularly: Similar to your HVAC vents, dusty ceiling fans, and light fixtures can negatively affect indoor air quality. Prevent this by incorporating them into your regular cleaning schedule. Doing so will raise the air quality in your home and, as mentioned earlier, reduce strain on your HVAC system.  
  1. Commit to Keeping the Condenser Area Clear: Even in the winter when your AC is not in use, occasional checks and cleaning around your condenser can keep your unit from getting damaged and help extend your HVAC system’s lifespan. What you are checking for is to make sure no branches, sticks, outdoor debris, or clutter have fallen onto or around the unit that can potentially damage your unit. Often, homeowners will forget about their condenser in the chaos of the winter season, only to find some damage to it months later when spring comes around. So, stay vigilant, and remember to give it a quick inspection now and then.  
  1. Commit to Scheduling a Ductwork Cleaning: Ductwork accumulates dust and debris over time. No matter how good you are at keeping up with your home, it’s natural for stray hair, pet fur, and dust to gather within your ductwork. Years of dust and debris buildup can ultimately lead to poor indoor air quality and adversely affect your system’s efficiency. To combat this, homeowners should aim to have their ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years.  

By adopting these eight resolutions, you set the stage for a healthier and more efficient HVAC system, ensuring a smoother year ahead for you and your family. Remember, good practices and positive HVAC habits can keep your system running at its best.  

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