Jan 7, 2022

Common Furnace Myths

In our line of work, homeowners often make decisions based on what they have heard or what they think they know, without ever really considering that it would be a good idea to do some research to find out the truth. However, I think it’s safe to say we all have done this at one point in time. Because of this, New Albany Heating & Cooling will be cracking down on these myths and sharing some home heating facts that you need to know this cold season.

Myth 1: Cranking the Thermostat Will Heat Your Home Fast

This is another we can all test to. It is turning the thermostat settings too high when it gets cold. It sounds like it’s the fastest way to heat the room, but this is not so. In the long run, this will make your furnace run longer, which will cost homeowners time, money, and energy.

Myth 2: Reviving Old Furnaces Will Save Cash

The last thing you will want to do with your furnace is for you to wait for it to break before finding a replacement. If your furnace keeps on breaking down or is old, you should be preparing to get a new one. Old furnaces are less efficient and are prone to expensive repairs. In addition, if you keep trying to fix it, you are spending just as much as you would a brand new one. 

Myth 3: Bigger Is Better for Furnaces

If you go out and choose an enormous unit, this will not guarantee you the best results. In fact, it can give you expensive system repairs, not-so-good comfort, and dramatic changes in your energy bill. Be sure to research what residential HVAC system will suit you, your family, and your home’s needs.

Myth 4: Closing the Registers & Vents in Unused Rooms Will Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, completely closing your vents will cause pressure imbalance, creating stress to your unit operation. As a result, your furnace will work too hard and could cause severe issues moving forward. The best word of advice our experts can give is: try not to overwork your system.

Doing research is usually crucial to everything versus listening to what you’ve heard over the years. Are you making a pressing HVAC decision today or in the near future? Use our helpful list to help give you relief on what is real and not. 

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